Handyman Services 101: What A Handyman Can Help You With

10 May 2022
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Every homeowner knows that the smaller repair tasks tend to add up around the house. It's often the little things that you put off dealing with until you can't ignore it anymore, and by then, you have so many of those small tasks to deal with that you lose a weekend dealing with home repairs. The good news is that you can reclaim your weekends if you work with a local handyman. Here's a look at some of the tasks that you can rely on a handyman to deal with.

Fixing Cabinet Doors

Whether there's a damaged hinge or a screw that's coming out of place, loose cabinet doors can be noisy and difficult to deal with. Even if you haven't had the time to deal with the replacement hinge or screw, a handyman can address it for you. They can even check the rest of your cabinet doors to ensure that everything is strong and secure.

Tightening Railing Brackets

Especially if you have children who tend to pull on, lean on, or sit on the railings of your stairways, you may also need to have the railing brackets checked and tightened periodically. Your handyman will be able to do this for you with ease. While they are at it, you may also want to have the railing sanded and refinished to keep it looking its best. With a fresh finish and a coat of lacquer, you can protect the railing and prevent splinters in little hands.

Tightening Leaky Pipe Joints

If there's a pipe connection or joint that's seeping or leaking, a handyman can tighten that joint for you to stop the leak. They can even apply plumbers tape in most cases to help create a more thorough seal on the threads of the joint.

Rewiring Electrical Issues

Whether it's a switch that zaps you every time you touch it or an outlet that isn't working anymore, a handyman can get to the root of the issue and correct it. Sometimes, this requires rewiring the fixture, and in other cases, it's as simple as just replacing the receptacle. A handyman is a jack-of-all-trades and can provide you with help even in the electrical realm.

No matter what your home's repair issues might be, a handyman can often address them for you. And, because you're working with someone who provides general repairs instead of working with an industry specialist, like a carpenter or an electrician, you'll often find that the services are more affordable. Talk with a local handyman today for more details.