How To Test Your Home To See If You Have Mold

11 May 2022
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Do you think you might have some mold in your house? If so, why do you think that? For example, some homeowners believe they have mold because they see it, while others might smell it. Likewise, some homeowners think they might have mold because their families keep getting sick.

You can determine if you have mold in your home in several ways, and this guide explains how.

Look for signs of mold

You can begin by looking for signs of mold. To do this, you should look in the common areas where mold grows. First, you can look at your plumbing fixtures, including your bathtub and faucets. Next, you might want to look at your air ducts. Finally, you can look at your basement walls and floors if you have a basement. If you believe that you have mold inside your walls, you can even stick a screwdriver through the wall to see if you see mold. Doing this will damage your walls, though, so proceed with caution.

Contact a mold company

If you discover mold or still think you might have mold, you should consider contacting a professional company. Companies that offer mold removal services typically also offer mold testing for homeowners. They'll also check the common areas to look for signs when they arrive. Next, they might set up a mold test.

A mold test is something they can set in your home to collect mold. They leave it in place for a day or two and then check it. Then, they can test the mold collected in this kit to determine what type it is.

You can also purchase at-home mold testing kits if you'd rather do this yourself. However, at-home kits may not be as accurate as professional testing kits.

Get it removed

If you have mold in your home, you must hire a professional to remove it. Many homeowners attempt to remove it themselves. While this helps you save money, it's not as easy as you might think. Mold can hide inside walls and other areas, and you might not find all the mold as you clean it.

A mold removal company will find all the mold and remove it all, leaving your home safer for your family. Are you interested in learning more about mold in your house? You can learn more by contacting a mold removal company. When you contact them, you can tell them your suspicions and schedule a meeting at your home.