Remediating Your Home's Mold Problem

13 May 2022
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Mold is an extremely damaging problem that can occur in both old and new homes. When a mold issue develops, the owner may not always appreciate or even recognize the full range of problems that the mold will be able to cause if it is not removed.

Mold Does Not Have To Be Toxic To Cause Health Problems

Individuals are often aware of the reality that some types of mold will be fairly toxic and harmful to them. However, mold does not have to be toxic to be able to cause a person to experience significant health problems. Many individuals will have respiratory issues that could be greatly worsened by inhaling the spores that could be released by the mold colonies.

Plumbing And Exterior Leaks Are Not The Only Sources Of Mold Problems

Leaks in the plumbing system or leaks that allow rain into the home can be two of the more common factors that could contribute to a home developing a mold problem. However, it is also possible for a home that has high humidity and poor ventilation to also be vulnerable to mold problems. This is due to the fact that the higher humidity levels could contribute to condensation forming on many of the surfaces in the interior of the home. Once this condensation forms, it will be able to create the moist conditions that are needed for mold colonies to establish themselves. For most homes, improving ventilation in these areas may be all that is needed to mitigate the threat of mold growth as this can rapidly dry any condensation that is able to form. However, homes that have particularly high humidity may need to install dehumidifiers in these areas to remove some of the excess moisture that is in the air.

Mold Colonies Will Have To Be Fully Neutralized To Prevent The Them From Returning

Removing mold is an important project that will need to be completed as thoroughly as possible. Failing to fully neutralize and sanitize the mold problem can lead to the issue quickly returning in the future. For homes that have carpet or that had mold growing near upholstery, these fabrics will have to be specialty treated as there is a chance that they could have mold spores on or inside them. This could lead to the mold colony being able to reestablish itself if these spores become airborne. Professional mold removal contractors will have equipment that can thoroughly neutralize all of the mold spores that may be in an area so the issue will have a much harder time recurring in the future.

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