Water Damage? Do These Things Before Calling A Water Damage Restoration Company

16 May 2022
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Water damage can be a major headache, but it doesn't have to be. Water damage is caused by many different types of incidents, such as leaks and floods. It is imperative that you inspect the offending source and make any necessary repairs before you contact a water damage restoration company. When your home suffers water damage, there are several important steps to take to minimize the damages and restore your home to pre-loss condition. If you repair the problem on your own or with an outside contractor, the company you hire to restore your home will not just clean up and remove the damaged materials; they will also fix what caused the damage in the first place.

Remove Any Standing Water

Removing standing water can be accomplished by using towels, mops, or vacuums to soak it up, but if there's enough water present, you may need to call a professional restoration company to mitigate the damage. You should also avoid walking on wet floors and try not to use electrical appliances until it's been cleaned up properly.

Check for Leaks 

You are going to need to figure out whether you have a leak. Check your water meter and see if it shows any unusual activity. If the needle is moving quickly, that means there's a leak somewhere in your house. Don't try to find it yourself — call a professional plumber instead.

In addition, there could be structural problems outside of your home that are causing these issues. Sometimes, these problems might be due to issues like roof leaks or foundation problems. You want to have these things fixed to prevent future water damage to your home. 

Protect Yourself and Others

First, make sure you're safe from water damage. Can you safely leave the structure? If not, stay where you are until help arrives or until the situation is under control. This includes pets, who can get hurt in the confusion of an emergency situation such as this one.

Remove Damaged Items

You should remove any damaged items from the affected area first. This includes furniture, clothes, and other items that have been affected by the water damage. Don't forget to remove all food items too. You may also want to consider removing any electrical equipment that might have been damaged by the flood as well. You might want to sort through these materials to determine what can be restored once everything has dried out. 

A few easy steps can help alleviate the stress of a flood or leak. Contact a water damage restoration service to repair your home after you have a problem.