3 Times To Call A Water Restoration Service Instead Of Going The DIY Route When Your Home Has Water Damage

23 May 2022
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When a water crisis strikes your property, it might be tempting to address the damage on your own. Unfortunately, excess water in your home can rapidly spiral out of control, and it's difficult to know for certain that the issue is truly fixed. Professional water restoration companies have the know-how and equipment to diagnose the cause of the damage and make repairs in an efficient and competent manner. Failing to adequately eliminate water problems can seriously affect your health, but reaching out to an experienced water restoration service at the following times will completely mitigate water damage in your home. 

1) There is a strong musty or damp smell.

A bad smell is often evidence of trouble, and a musty scent is no exception. Water damage is frequently accompanied by a strong smell that resembles wet paper or damp air. These undesirable odors can point to leaks and mold accumulation somewhere in your home. You may also see dark or black spots on the walls, which clearly indicates the presence of mold. However, the scents may pop up without any visible mold on the walls or ceiling. A water restoration company will quickly find the reason for the smell and then take steps to solve the problem, such as repairing leaks, drying up extra water, and carefully destroying the mold. Mold removal should only be performed by experienced technicians, so contact a professional water restoration service when you first smell something odd.

2) Your water bill is considerably higher than usual.

An increase in your utility bill is another symptom of water damage. Water can drip slowly and constantly in areas that you might not expect, and leaks could be hidden in inconspicuous places without being obvious until it's too late. If there is breakage or corrosion in the pipes on your property, severe water damage could occur. For example, your water heater lines could be defective, allowing unnecessary water to drain out where it shouldn't. As the leaks continue to flow, your water usage can surge to several thousands of gallons more than your family utilizes in a typical period. If you discover a noticeable hike in your monthly bill, then it's time to reach out to a water restoration service for help. After identifying the source of the leak, the company will repair whatever is causing the trouble. 

3) Cracks, stains, and other imperfections have begun to appear on the walls or ceiling.

If you observe new or strange blemishes on the walls or ceilings in your home, you likely have water damage. Imperfections can include cracks that materialize suddenly, discoloration on surfaces, flaky paint, or swollen ceilings. Even a wall that is soft to the touch can reveal water damage. Don't try to cover up these issues though, because there could be a dangerous buildup of mold concealed in locations that you can't easily see. Instead, ask a water restoration service to investigate. The company will use dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and sanitizers to permanently rectify the damage so that you won't encounter more complications in the future. 

Battling water damage in your home can be frustrating if you try to tackle the challenge by yourself, especially when you don't have the right expertise or tools to sufficiently complete the work. Call a water restoration company such as Sahara Restoration to ensure that all water damage is handled before further problems can develop.