Why Interior Masonry Works Well For Living Room Remodeling

23 May 2022
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Living room remodeling can be expensive, but there are ways to stay within your budget while improving the look and function of your living room. One great option is interior masonry, which offers many benefits over less-costly alternatives. Masonry can be installed inside your home to serve many purposes, including retaining heat and blocking noises. Masonry walls are much stronger than other walls and are less susceptible to damage from pests and water penetration. Here are just some reasons why interior masonry works well for living room remodeling projects.

1. Higher R-values for Improved Insulation

Although it may cost a little more, building with high insulation material can help keep your energy bills in check. Plus, denser walls perform better at blocking sound transmission. While most modern walls have good insulating properties, they may not be enough if you live in a noisy neighborhood or need extra insulation against high foot traffic areas like hallways and garages. Consider installing interior masonry services for improved comfort and quiet if you're remodeling your living room.

2. Natural Fire Resistance 

Interior masonry provides a level of fire resistance that other building materials can't. It is one of few building material choices that doesn't provide oxygen to burning fires. This lack of oxygen reduces risk and slows combustion rates, giving firefighters more time to respond. Interior masonry also naturally resists flammable liquids like gasoline because most liquids don't stick to it very well.

3. Natural Pest Resistance 

If you are worried about pest infestations, interior masonry works well in keeping pests at bay. Natural stone and bricks are naturally resistant to pests, so they can be used without worrying about termites or other insects getting into your home. Interior masonry also helps keep out moisture and water, which is a great way to avoid mold problems.

3. Higher Design Flexibility 

Interior masonry services have a freer hand in creating beautiful, custom spaces than those using precast concrete. Precast concrete walls are limited to basic shapes, but interior masonry can create almost any shape or style. Interior masonry is great for decorative details and accents that add flair to your living room remodel.

5. High Durability 

Interior masonry services are ideal for creating high-traffic rooms. By lining walls with stone and brick, you create a durable surface to withstand regular wear and tear—no matter how big your living room is or how many people spend time in it. 

Masonry is one of the oldest building techniques and can still make an essential element in your interior remodeling ideas when done by a skilled hand. Call interior masonry services to discuss how to deploy it for your living room remodeling. Contact a local service, such as SMG Masonry Restoration, to learn more.