Is There Mold Growing In Your Home? 4 Signs That You May Be In Need Of Mold Removal

23 June 2022
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While mold growing on a loaf of bread in your kitchen may be extremely obvious, the potentially dangerous types of mold that may be growing inside the walls and floors of your home may not be quite so obvious. This can be a serious problem since allowing mold to continue growing in your home can result in some very serious health problems for you and your family. Thankfully, there are some signs that can alert you to the presence of mold in your home even if you cannot see this mold growing. If you spot any of the four warning signs described below, you will want to reach out to a mold removal company right away.

#1: The Paint On Your Walls Is Chipping Or Your Wallpaper Is Bubbling

If mold is growing inside your walls, you will often see your paint begin to chip or bubbles begin to form underneath your wallpaper. These issues are a strong indicator of moisture inside your walls. Since moisture is essential to the growth of mold, the presence of excess moisture in your walls will often result in mold damage. 

#2: Your Tile Grout Has Become Discolored

If the grout in between your bathroom or kitchen tiles has become dark in color, this can often be a sign of mold and mildew growth. While there are many products on the market designed to kill mold and mildew in tile grout, it is important to ensure that this mold has not spread to other surfaces in your home. The best way to do this is to have your home inspected by a mold removal professional. 

#3: Increased Respiratory Problems

Individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma will often notice that these conditions are aggravated by the presence of mold spores in their homes. With this being said, even individuals with no preexisting conditions can experience increased respiratory problems if there is mold growing in their homes. If you have been sick frequently without an obvious underlying reason for this illness, it may be time to contact a mold removal professional. 

#4: Stains Or Odor In Carpet

Carpets are a great place for mold to hide. Oftentimes mold in the carpet goes unnoticed due to the long carpet fibers hiding the growing mold spores. If you notice an unexplained stain on your carpet or an odor that won't seem to go away, this can be an indication that there is mold growing in your carpet. Oftentimes the evidence of this mold will be more noticeable on the carpet padding or on the back of your carpet. Consequently, if you are able to pull back the carpet and inspect it, this will give you a much better idea of whether or not you require mold removal.