About Your Car's Undercarriage

24 October 2022
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The undercarriage of your car may be a part of your car that's out of sight, but this doesn't make it any less important than other parts of the car. In fact, it plays a very important role with regard to the overall integrity of your car. This article will discuss important topics with regard to the undercarriage of your car. This includes things like its purpose and function, ways it can get damaged, parts that make up this part of the car, and what a full restoration of the undercarriage involves. 

The purpose and function of your car's undercarriage

The undercarriage is the part of your car that's situated under the main cabin. It acts as protection for the bottom portion of the car's parts by shielding them from the elements and debris. It also acts as the framework that supports the underneath of the car and provides the base for the wheels to be connected to the car. 

Ways the undercarriage can be damaged

The location of this part of the car makes it susceptible to different types of damage. One type of damage that commonly occurs to this part of the car is that which is caused by road salt. Salt is put on the roadways to help ice melt. However, the salt then comes in contact with exposed metal parts and can cause corrosion and rust. 

Potholes can also contribute to a lot of undercarriage damage. When the car goes over a pothole at a high rate of speed, it can cause the car to bottom out. This means that the car is hitting the ground, and that can lead to serious damage. 

Some examples of undercarriage parts

Some examples of the major parts that come together to make up the majority of a car's undercarriage include frames, shoes, links, pins, bushings, idlers, and others. Many of these parts are more at risk of damage than others that are safely tucked further up in the engine area of the car. However, the design of the undercarriage does offer some protection. 

A few benefits of having the undercarriage restored

One of the benefits of having your car's undercarriage restored is it can be the final area to be restored before the entire car restoration process has finally been completed. Also, restoring this part of the car will allow you to know that everything is in great shape. This is good because you won't have to be concerned about there being some parts that could be damaged without your knowledge. Also, there will be steps taken to protect this part of the car from common threats in the future, such as that road salt.

For more information about undercarriage parts, contact a local auto shop.