Repairing Your Commercial Water Heater

3 January 2023
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There may be many issues that could negatively impact your business's water heater system. If these problems are not quickly recognized, they could have some severe impacts on your business's ability to function. For managers and business owners that are aware of the early warning signs of significant commercial water heater problems, it will be easier to take action once these problems are starting to arise with their unit. 

A Decrease In The Pressure Of Your Hot Water

A common sign of significant water heater problems could be a unit that has suffered a dramatic drop in the pressure of the hot water that it is supplying. Depending on the type of equipment that your business uses and the way that it will utilize hot water, this could drastically impact performance. For example, a cleaning system that relies on high-pressure jets of water may be unable to function as intended. If this problem has developed gradually, it could be the result of sediments, minerals, or other obstructions forming in the line. However, a sudden decrease in pressure may indicate that there is a leak present in the system. 

Discoloration Of The Hot Water

Water quality is another important factor for your business. Unfortunately, hot water heaters can develop issues that may cause the water in them to become discolored. Sediments and corrosion are two of the most common issues that could cause this problem, but it is also possible for this to result from bacteria in the tank. A professional commercial water heater repair service can thoroughly clean and sanitize the unit's interior so that the water coming out of it is clean and of a high quality.

Water Leaking Around The Base Of The Water Heater

Your commercial water heater can hold vast amounts of water in it. Unfortunately, this can lead to instances where the water heater might develop leaks in it. These leaks could cause significant property damage to the interior of your building. In the event that you notice water pooling around the base of the water heater or other signs of water leaks, a commercial water heater repair contractor should be contacted immediately so that the leak will not have a chance to suddenly worsen. In many cases, these leaks will be the result of a faulty seal, but there can be times when structural damage to the unit may have occurred. Depending on the location where it occurred, it may be possible to patch the puncture without replacing the entire unit.

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