What Signs Can Justify The Need For A Professional Mold Inspection

18 April 2023
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Mold is capable of growing almost anywhere. When it comes to inside your home, it can grow on the ceilings, walls, in carpeting, and even within furniture. Since mold can pose serious health risks to people in your home, it's a good idea to get a mold inspection if you see any indication that you have mold growing in your home. Here are some signs that you want to look out for.

Visible Mold

The most obvious sign is going to be visible mold growth, but you need to know what you are looking for. Mold can be identified due to its color, which is often pink, white, green, or black. Mold also has an odd texture, which can either be slimy or fluffy. You'll tend to see it in places where moisture is high, such as your bathrooms, kitchen, or basement. If you think it may be mold, it's worth having your home inspected because it could be in other rooms as well.


Mold produces a distinct odor that can be described as a musty smell. You can expect the odor to be stronger in the rooms that have mold in them but they can even carry to other rooms of your home. It is also possible to get used to the smell of mold since it grows over time, where it gets to the point where you just naturally think of it as the smell of your home. Since mold can be hidden in places that you cannot see, have a mold inspection performed when you notice just the odor.

Water Damage

Mold tends to grow in places where you have water damage in your home. This includes a place where a pipe was leaking under a sink, which allowed the mold to grow without you noticing. Mold can also grow due to a leaking roof since the attic is a place that is not often checked. If you had water get into your basement, mold could be hiding in furniture or carpeting that got wet, or even within drywall that the water touched.

Respiratory Problems

Are there people in your home that are sneezing more frequently, have itchy eyes, and have respiratory problems that have gotten worse? This could be due to mold spores affecting people with allergies. Mold is a common allergy for many people, and having mold in your home can easily cause these allergies to get worse without a logical reason for it.

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