Residential Flood Restoration — Great Strategies For Homeowners

6 June 2023
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After a severe flood, restoring your property may be your number one goal. It's an involved process, but you can return your home to a safe and livable point if you take the following actions.

Create a Water Removal Plan

Chances are water is still in your home after a flood. It may be in the kitchen and living room, for instance. Before you restore structures, getting rid of the rest of the water is paramount.

To do so effectively and efficiently, create a water removal plan. What's the best way to remove water from your property? You have several options, such as pumping the water out and drying wet areas. 

It really comes down to the water's location and how much there is after a flood. Remember that the quicker you remove the water, the less water damage you'll have to deal with. 

See if the Floors Are Salvageable 

Since a flood more than likely affected the floors in your home, it's essential to see if you can salvage them. You must complete a thorough floor assessment to see what your flood restoration will involve.

Some floors are more resilient to water than others. For instance, if you have tile or concrete, you can probably keep the floors after a flood. Whereas if you have carpet, it's safe to assume you'll need to replace it all. Perform a thorough assessment to find out for sure, even if that means hiring a floor contractor. 

Have the Foundation Professionally Inspected

The foundation is one of the most important parts of your home to check out after a flood. It serves an important structural role, so hire a professional company to inspect it.

A foundation contractor can review your foundation in its entirety, checking for things like cracks, soft spots, and other signs of water damage. They'll make a thorough report on things you should repair immediately and go into specifics about the repairs. You can then get ready to restore the foundation before attempting to move back into the property. 

A flood may be the last disaster you want to face, but it may eventually happen in the future. To salvage what's left of your home, it's vital to see what's damaged and follow the proper restoration protocols. With hard work and perseverance, you can still make your home a great place to live after a flood hits your area. 

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