4 Benefits Of Using Latex Exterior Paint On Your Home

30 June 2023
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While you can use oil-based paints when you paint the outside of your home, you should also consider using latex paints. These water-based paints have useful advantages. What are they?

1. You Can Use Latex Paints in Colder Weather

If you want to paint your home in colder months, then oil-based paints aren't always the right solution. Cold can thicken these paints and make them harder to apply. It also reduces drying times and can allow moisture to get through paint coats onto your walls.

Latex paints work better when the temperature drops. They tend to hold their consistency, so they are always easy to apply. They also have built-in moisture resistance and dry faster than oil-based alternatives.

2. Faster Drying Times

Oil-based paints take time to dry and cure. If you've ever used this type of paint before, then you know that you have a potentially long wait before a surface is dry enough to take additional coats.

Latex paints dry and cure faster. You'll paint the outside of your home more quickly without long drying delays between coats.

3. Better Weather Resistance

Exterior walls have to deal with various weather conditions. Rain, frost, wind, and sun can all affect their paints.

Some paints will show signs of damage more easily than others. For example, oil-based paints might crack and peel. Or, their color might fade in the sun. They might turn yellow because of constant exposure to UV light.

Your walls will have better weather resistance if you use latex paints. These paints are more flexible than regular oil-based paints. They can cope with heat/cold temperature cycles without cracking or peeling.

Latex paints also have some sun resistance, so they are less likely to fade or yellow. They hold their color better for longer periods of time. This reduces the number of times you'll have to repaint your walls to keep them looking good.

4. Better Water Management

Your exterior walls are exposed to water. As well as rain, they might have to deal with moisture rising from the ground.

If a paint doesn't have enough water resistance, then it will show signs of damage. If the paint gets too wet, then it might bubble and peel. You might have some mold or mildew growth on your walls. In extreme cases, water might penetrate into the structure of your home. This can be an expensive problem to fix.

Latex paints are more resistant to moisture and water exposure. They are less likely to degrade. They'll stay intact and protect your walls more effectively.

To find out more about the benefits of using latex paints on your exterior walls, talk to local exterior painting companies.