Antique Chandeliers Can Still Benefit From Updates

19 July 2023
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Antique chandeliers have a lot of charm. However, they age like everything else, meaning they can benefit from an update from time to time. Luckily, you have numerous options for changing your antique chandeliers for the better. Some of these options focus on the fixtures. Others are more concerned about the rest of the rooms they occupy.

What Are 4 Ways to Make Antique Chandeliers Better Than Ever?

Here are four easy ways to give your vintage chandeliers new life:

Paint It

You can make your chandelier shine by giving it a good cleaning. A soft brush can take care of easy-to-remove substances. Subsequently, a soft cloth can handle anything more stubborn. A good cleaning won't always be enough for what you have in mind. If so, consider giving a new coat of paint. Different colors can convey a remarkable range of ideas. For example, black is simple but timeless. In contrast, platinum can make even the oldest fixture surprisingly modern-looking. Of course, you also have the option of repainting your chandelier in its original color, thus enabling it to retain its original character.

Give It Shades

Chandeliers can always benefit from an extra bit of ornamentation. As a result, you should consider giving your chandelier's lights a set of shades. The Spruce points out that shades aren't just ornamental. They also serve a practical purpose by redirecting the light where you want it to go, thus preventing glare and other issues. This means shades are one more tool in your repertoire for improving the lighting in the room containing your chandelier.

Give It a Ceiling Medallion

Once upon a time, homeowners installed ceiling medallions to conceal the soot from pre-electric lights. Nowadays, that is no longer necessary. However, ceiling medallions still possess enormous decorative value because they can further reinforce a chandelier's status as the room's focal point. If you want your chandelier to make an even more memorable impression, you can install an even more elaborate ceiling medallion to draw the eyes. There are spectacular patterns with traditional and non-traditional designs available to interested individuals.

Install a Dimmer

Dimmers are a convenient way to get more value from your lighting. You don't always want your lights to be as bright as possible. Sometimes, you want a dimmer setting with a better ambiance because you aren't working on a task requiring intense concentration. As side bonuses, the Department of Energy says dimmers can save energy with compatible light bulbs, thus extending the latter's usability.

For more info about vintage chandeliers, contact a local company.